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Your computer or mobile device can do many jobs for you! All that you need is the best software to do the job that you want to do. The pcApp Store is here to help you find that 'right' software for the task at hand. We have partnered with software developers and software distributors to offer you some of the best options for the right software to make your computer or mobile device a useful tool or a center for your entertainment.

To aid you in finding the right software quickly we break the various softwares into categories. On this page we list the categories and other features of the site. There is a category page for each section that gives a brief overview of the offerings of the various sites. Each of these overviews offers a direct link to the developer's or distributor's website, but there is also a link to more in depth information on another page on our site. If you know the brand you are looking for you could use the direct link, but if there is a software you think may be of interest to you we try to provide useful information through our 'More Info' links.

Our Software App Categories

Note: Some of our partners produce or distribute software that falls into more than one category. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for in a category try looking in related categories. The left nav allows you to go directly to another category from any main category page.

Games, Games, Games

 - Before we get into the more mundane categories of software lets look at something fun! All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Your PC or mobile device can be a great entertainment option. All you need is a fun game app to occupy some of your free time. There are many options online and some that even come packaged with your computer or device, but there are many options that are available from other sites and developers. The Games category provides you with some options that can enhance your experience.


- Another fun use for your computer is working with various forms of media. Be it audio, video, or images there is software available to manipulate the media and make it into something that will serve your purpose. Images are one of the most widely used forms of media on the web. With the advent of camera phones there are more images around than ever before. While a picture is worth a thousand words, an edited image can be much more impressive. Video has come on strong as  well. Most digital cameras and many phones take pretty good video. There are many ways to record digital audio and podcasts can be great tools to get your message to the people.


- Now on to the nity-grity of software apps. There are many softwares to help you be more productive. Productivity software helps you to handle data and display it in ways that are more meaningful to you and your audience. There are apps to help you write better and to display your content in meaningful ways. You may need spread sheet or accounting software to help you understand where you stand. You may need invoicing software to help your customers know where they stand. All these applications and more are available through productivity software.


- The Internet can be a wild place. It is wise to have security software in place to protect your computer and data from the dangers of the Internet. There are basic levels of protection available through freeware applications, but the paid softwares and security suites offer additional features and levels of protection.The peace of mind can be of value to you. In addition to the traditional fire walls and anti-virus programs there are apps like password managers and password generators to aid in your online security.


- Another category of software apps that can be of great value is the 

category of utility apps.

WikipediA says, "Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer." Apps like registry cleaners and system optimizers will be found in the utilities category. These are apps that can help to keep your computer performing up to its capacity, so that you will enjoy the experience more.



There are some apps that defy categorization among the limited categories that we list. We have added this section to include those apps that we do not feel are a good fit for any of our listed categories. Check out this section for some fun apps and to see if, perhaps, something that you think obviously should be listed under one of our other categories was just a little bit less obvious to us. Our categories are not hard and fast rules. Some software is easier to classify than other apps.


- We have found some online stores that either specialize in software or have a good selection of apps available. Some of these stores are specialty shops specializing in one type of app and some offer a diverse line of software titles across many categories. If you can't find the specific app you are looking for within our categories you will probably be able to find it in one of these online software specialty sites. One advantage to the PC platform is the diversity of software that supports your computing needs. We can't offer everything through this site, but we can still help you to find what you need through these partner sites.

In addition to the above categories we try to provide some general and specific software information. We have two additional sections to the site. The Apps & Scripts section has some software reviews and information. I hope to offer more original articles there and would accept original articles from others for this section. The pcApp Info Blog publishes articles distributed by a content delivery network. I do try to only publish those articles that I think may be of interest to my visitors.