Livescribe Pluse Smartpen - Changing Writing

The History of Pen and Paper

From prehistoric cave walls and charcoal to the modern notebook and fountain pen, the human need for spontaneous self-expression through drawing and writing has endured.

However, paper and pen usage presents serious limitations in an increasingly digital world. Paper documents are static and difficult to share broadly. Written notes are susceptible to loss and damage. They suffer an inherent lack of connectivity; despite how rich the content on a piece of paper is, it is physically bound and limited. What’s missing is a way to maximize the freedom of expression and rich context afforded by pen and paper while delivering the connectivity, archiving system and “capture” capability of a computer.

About Livescribe

Livescribe is fundamentally changing the way people capture, access and share information with pen and paper. Founded in 2007, Livescribe has developed a breakthrough low-cost mobile computing platform which includes the award-winning Pulse smartpen, dot paper, smartpen applications, Livescribe Desktop software, Livescribe Online Community, and development tools.

Since its launch in April 2008, the Pulse smartpen has won multiple awards, including Popular Science’s Best of What’s New 2008, Popular Mechanic’s 2008 Breakthrough Award, and MacWorld’s Best of Show in 2009.

With the Pulse smartpen, you'll never miss a word

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