HandStands - Computer and Cell Accessories

HandStands was founded in 1983, and is now comprised of four business units: Consumer Packaged Goods, Electronic Accessories, Promotional Products and e-Commerce.

While over 25 years have passed, HandStands’ founding principles continue to define who we are, and what we do: “The customer is King,” says CEO and co-founder Don Watkins, “It’s really that simple. Once you understand this, everything else falls into place.”

Every HandStands associate abides by the “P.I.P.” principle – Passion, Integrity and Performance. This shared belief, combined with an absolute focus on the customer, is central to HandStands’ objective of being a leader in every market served.

“HandStands is a principle-based organization, where we stand behind the safety and quality of our products with state-of-the-art quality control systems. Moreover, with HandStands Sustainability Program, we evaluate the environmental impact of every HandStands product, and implement environmentally-friendly measures wherever feasible.” - Alan Wheatley, President

With this combination of great people, innovative products and an unyielding customer focus, HandStands is poised for another 25 years of market leadership – and beyond!

Laptop Mat at $19.99 - HVWT2DID at HandStands