RADMIN - Remote Control for Your PC

Famatech founded in 1999, is best known for its award-winning Remote Administrator (Radmin), the leading remote control software used on millions of desktops around the world. Famatech's Remote Control Technology enables technicians to quickly provide an optimal network management, remote support and helpdesk services. The company follows a very successful strategy of providing maximum assistance to corporate helpdesks, system integrators and Value Added Resellers specializing in providing network services.

Mission Statement

  • To develop networking software basing on unique technologies.
  • To provide high-quality, secure and reliable software products suitable for a wide range of corporate uses.
  • To make the products practical and affordable.
  • To use all available experience, human resources and technologies to further develop secure and reliable products for network management, telecommuting and helpdesk services.
  • To be responsible to our clients requests, questions and concerns.
  • To provide maximum assistance in everything related with using the Famatech products.

Pledge to our Customers

  • We will continue leveraging of our unique technologies to develop the best of breed remote control and personal communication solutions.
  • Our solutions will be practical, secure and affordable.
  • We will be responsive and responsible to our clients’ requests, and concerns in providing maximum assistance with all of the Famatech products.

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