AVG® TuneUp

Speed up, clean up and fix your PC with our advanced PC performance optimizer.

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If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll be more than happy to give you a refund. Just contact our support 24/7 via phone, email or chat.

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AVG® TUNEUP for You!

More PC power than you ever thought possible

Make your old PC live longer — and your new PC run faster — with AVG TuneUp. Our PC optimizer comes with revamped Sleep Mode technology to boost your PC speed and performance, and Disk and Browser Cleaners that free your storage space. Want more? Read on.

Get all-round automatic maintenance
Speed up your Windows PC
Uninstall software you don’t need
Remove junk files to free up space
Update your programs automatically

Fixes and maintains your PC automatically

Tired of bugs, crashes, and freezes? AVG’s improved Automatic Maintenance tunes your PC every week for you, so you can simply enjoy better performance, 24/7.

Cleans your registry automatically

If you want your Windows operating system to work as it should and avoid errors and crashes, let AVG TuneUp identify issues in your registry and fix them automatically.

Cares for your PC with Automatic Maintenance

Our automatic maintenance cleans up browser traces, tracking cookies, cache files and program leftovers for more disk space.

Speed up and tune up your PC

If your PC takes too long to boot, your programs run slowly, your games stutter, and the web slows to a crawl — AVG TuneUp is the solution you’ve been looking for. Yes, it works.

Optimize your PC with Sleep Mode

Installed programs slow you down by hogging your PC memory and CPU. Our completely revamped Sleep Mode technology puts them to sleep and wakes them up when you need them — and not a moment sooner.

Remove bloatware and junk programs

Old unnecessary programs, toolbars and trial versions, software that came preinstalled in your PC… they take up space and can cause trouble down the road.

Find and remove unwanted software with Software Uninstaller

Our Software Uninstaller detects bloatware and helps you get rid of it, together with programs you no longer use — and forgot you had.